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Conquer the Himalayas!

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August 11, 2013
Next tour in 2013 season starts:

Himachal-Pradesh - Kashmir - Leh - Himachal Pradesh (14 days)

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Feedbacks of our clients
Oksana, Moscow
«I've never seen that before! I was expected that it will be interesting and beautiful, but did not expect it to be so interesting, beautiful and unforgettable! The most striking impression was due to the fact that…»  Read more
Photos from trip


Claudia Baerlin-Gallegos, USA

The most wonderful and accelerating trip of my adult life on two wheels!!! It felt like the meaning of life unfolded itself during those 2 weeks!!! 

There is nothing more spectacular and colossal than the views and hights of the Himalayas on a motorcycle!! You become one with the road and the panorama. 

It was perfectly planned but also felt like you were part of a family which has been waiting for you just to show you the way!!!!! 

Best memories, best time and it will take a life time to savior every moment!!

Michael Fisher, New Zealand

If you have a love of motorcycling and
adventure, Himalayan Bike Tours have
something very special.


I traveled with them in June this year for 15 days in northern India as we crossed the Himalayan mountains across Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. We were very well looked after apart from the riding experience, learnt some of the history and culture of these amazing people who have been living in these mountains relatively unaffected by the bustle of modern day life for hundreds and thousands of years.

Everywhere we went we were greeted by the warmth and friendliness of these northern people. We had plenty of time to also do sightseeing, temples, monasteries, shopping and even a spot of trout fishing.

Two tour guides with many years of motorcycling experience as well as having vast knowledge of traveling in this mountainous region led us each day, completed mechanical repairs as was required ie puncture repairs etc. I was very well looked after.

This is not a high speed trip nor would you want it to be as the scenery is just beautiful and the trip itself is now one of those motorcycling adventures that I'm now proud to say, yeah we did that! Awesome experience. Thanks to the team!

Oksana Belova (Russia)

When I was going to take a part in this trip, I knew it would be fun, beautiful and memorable, but I did not think it would be so interesting, beautiful and unforgettable!

During the journey, I've seen so many landscapes that feeling is to have been on the glaciers, and in the wilderness, and in the European ski resorts - so the Himalayas are different. It was during this trip, I realized the meaning of phraze "taking my breath away"!
Very memorable local people hospitality. Wherever we arrived. They are so open and friendly that even his smile alone they tell you: "Thank you for coming to us! We are happy to see you! "

Each of the points-Cities stop for the night, we were placed in a clean comfortable hotel (and one day at the camp). All you will need for the rest - there is.

On this trip I was a passenger on a motorcycle - the impression is no less intense than if it kept the bike itself. By the way, this made it possible to make more than 3,000 amazing photographs.

For sure, I'm going to take a part in this tour again this year. But this time I'll drive bike my own!

Ravi Malhotra (India)

The two week trip I discovered
my favorite India from new side,
it is the magic part.

I am from India, I live in Delhi. After living in a big city most of my life, I always wanted to see the country on the other hand, outside of the metropolis. And ... I never would have thought that the Himalayas are so stagger the imagination!

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to fill their luggage memories for life with bright unforgettable experience!

I also didn't expect the driving during the hours per day will be tiring. Not at all!  The secret is that when you driving on a good road and look at the scenery around, one by one, successive, time flies by. In addition, we made several stops along the way (just to take a short break and have a drink, masala tea, or lunch, or visit the ancient Buddhist monastery or some more interest.) So, trust me, you will not feel long journeys.

You will feel the beauty of the mountains, the beauty of India, the beauty of the world!

Some facts about India

Crazy, confusing, hot, unbearable, noisy and scary. All that India - one of the most ancient and colorful countries in the world. What to expect from it? What to prepare? How to decide what state to visit? For those who only have to dip into the bright fairy world - the world of India - Welcome!

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