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August 11, 2013
Next tour in 2013 season starts:

Himachal-Pradesh - Kashmir - Leh - Himachal Pradesh (14 days)

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Feedbacks of our clients
Oksana, Moscow
«I've never seen that before! I was expected that it will be interesting and beautiful, but did not expect it to be so interesting, beautiful and unforgettable! The most striking impression was due to the fact that…»  Read more
Photos from trip


Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

The questions are divided into groups - about driving a motorcycle, an accommodation, the purchase of and payment for travel, etc.

Please read this section very careful.

Then, if you still have questions, please contact us - we are happy to answer your questions.

About driving a motorcycle

  1. If I do not have a driving license for motorcycle
    Answer: If you do not have driving licanse for motorcycle and you don't know how to drive a motorcycle (or if you do not have a driver's license at all) - you can take part in the tour as a passenger or motorcycle passenger in a jeep. Or get the training course in one of the bike-schools in your city and get the necessary skills and experience of driving. The route is not as difficult, as even not much expirienced driver should be quite enough. If you wish to drive the route was on a motorcycle, then you will be picked up by the one of professional very expirienced motorcycle riders from our company.
  2. If I don't have a motorcycle.
    Answer: On arrival bikes will be provided by our company in India.
  3. I know how to drive a motorcycle since my teen ages, but still has not have driving licesne. Can I become a participant in the tour then?
    Answer: Yes, but as a passenger motorcycle or jeep. If you want to drive a motorcycle, then to having driving licesne will be still necessary, because of check-in on the road police post during the route.
  4. Do I have to make an international type of driving license?
    Answer: Yes, of course. International driver's license issue is necessary.
  5. I have not really much experience of driving, just city-driving. Will it ok if all other high-expirienced participants of the group?
    Answer: Of course not. This motorcycle tour, which aims - to see the beauty of the Himalayas with a new and unusual perspective. This is not a race or speed tournament. In addition, all (even very experienced drivers) were new once too. All refer to it with understanding and respect. Typically, each team always have 1-2 freshman.
  6. I really want to go to this tour, but I fear that marshurt prove difficult for me.
    Answer: The route is constructed in such a way that almost 70% of the tracks - smooth and paved. By the same range and height reduction comes gradually, so all along the way you'll feel good.

About safety

  1. How safe on the roads during the route?
    Answer: It is quite safe. In addition, each day we start the route early in the morning, so most of the daily route traffic through semi-empty roads.
  2. What about the disease - whether you need to make special vaccinations?
    Answer: Officialy for visiting India vaccinations are not required. If traveling "savage" when there is a chance to eat and drink something unsafe, it could be advisable to be vaccinated against Hepatitis "A", but for this tour it is not necessarily because it is assumed that you will eat in the audited recommended places.
    For malaria: Malaria in India is (mosquitoes carry it), and a small risk of contracting it increases during the monsoon season from June to August. However, there is no malaria in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim.
  3. What kind of insurance should apply?
    Answer: To participate in the tour must have special insurance for riders. When you contact the insurance company, please be sure to include it to your insurance (or let to know the insurance manager who will arrange insurance). If you already have travel insurance - be sure to ask your insurance company if there is motor-tourism and. And if not, check how to make extension of the conditions of insurance. This document is also one of the mandatory participation in the tour!
  4. What if bike will be breal during the route?
    Answer: For groups of 5 people (and more) special jeep will accompany our group. In jeep will be everything necessary for fixing any problem that bike can have during the route. If the group is less than 5 people, in this case, a tour-leader will have a set of necessary spare parts. The tour- leader has the skills not just riding a motorcycle, but it repaired as well. If the bike can not be repaired fast, then we evacuate it to the nearest town, and bike will replaced a maximum of 12 hours.
  5. What if a person is injured during the route?
    Answer: If the injury is mild, then the leader of the group always has a kit available with the required set of medicines (or it will be in the accompanying jeep) and it will provide the necessary first aid.
    If there is a serious threat to life or health, it is along the route of military army post located in their territory an army hospital that can provide the necessary qualified medical care.
  6. How important and full equipment is required?
    Answer: Full equipment is important! Mandatory. Helmet, motorcycle "turtle", moto gloves, knee pads, motor boats - is the bare minimum. For passengers in the jeep presence motorcycle gear is optional.
  7. Is it possible to hire equipment?
    Answer: If you are a motorcycle passenger - is equipment can be hired in your city. If you are the driver of the motorcycle - it is obvious that you have equipment available.
    In India, the organizers can be rented equipment, but only some kits available, so it is important to book a place in the group as quickly as possible.
  8. What shots should make before visiting India?
    Answer: Officialy for visiting India vaccinations are not required. If traveling "savage" when there is a chance to eat and drink something unsafe, it could be advisable to be vaccinated against Hepatitis "A", but for this tour it is not necessarily because it is assumed that you will eat in the audited recommended places.
    For malaria: Malaria in India is (mosquitoes carry it), and a small risk of contracting it increases during the monsoon season from June to August. However, there is no malaria in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim.
  9. Is there any good hospitals in India in case of illness or injury?
    Answer: Yes, of course. India has a very high level of medicine and a lot of international hospitals. Needs no introduction to the fact that people go to India from around the world to do the operation, which in Europe, America and Russia are much more expensive, and the quality or slightly inferior, and in some cases even better.
  10. What should be in medicine-kit to take with me?

    Answer: The minimum set for tourist is:

    • antibiotics for intestinal infections (exm: biseptol)
    • enzyme preparation for indigestion (exm: mezim)
    • remedy for diarrhea (Imodium, aka lopedium) - used with caution in infectious nature of diarrhea!
    • plasters
    • brilliant green or iodine
    • In addition to the above iodine and green stuff, good to have as an antiseptic, better alcohol-based (such as calendula tincture) - for the treatment of wounds or sores
    • packing cleaning wet wipes
    • their medications that you take regularly

    And the leader of the group will always be a big kit with full set of medications.

  11. What precautions should be taken to avoid health problems during their stay in India?

    Answer: The most common problem for tourists - an upset stomach. This can be avoided if the first few days, do not eat spicy and oily Indian food. Best fit simpler, more similar to your regular diet. And there are a few important rules of sanitation and hygiene, noting that the challenges you are likely to be avoided:

    1. Drink water only from sealed plastic bottles of drinking water. It is sold everywhere, costs from 10 to 30 rupees per bottle. In any case, do not drink water from the tap.
    2. Be sure to wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.
    3. Fruits and vegetables are thoroughly clean before use.
    4. Not less than the current rule, the three of the above: do not focus on a fear that you have something might happen to health while traveling! Remember, all thoughts - are material. Hypochondria leave at home and while traveling just be calm and open, friendly and positive. Trust of India, and it will protect you and always will.

About the accomodation and route driving

  1. What is the length of the route in 2 weeks on tour?
    Answer: The length of the route is about 2500 km.
  2. How many hours a day we pass?
    Answer: On the day we pass from 5 to 10 hours. This full-time on the road with stops (sanitary stop, lunch, tea, etc.). Impressed by the route of previous participants - even reached the 10-hour road almost seems long since while moving around you as unusual beauty and landscapes that all seem to be 5-10 hours, like films from the National Geography.
  3. Do I need to take a lot of things?
    Answer: No, a lot of luggage to take with is not necessary because during the tour, we will move from hotel to hotel, and all things will need to take with you. If a group of 5 people and more we have follows the jeep - the luggage can be placed in the car. For participants of the mini-groups your luggage is placed on the special place for luggage on a motorcycle, in a special bag. Therefore, it is important to have all your stuff together in these travel bags and backpack. Therefore, it must be a minimum of clothing, hygiene kits (toothbrush / paste, shampoo, soap, etc.), mini first aid kit, cables for charging electronic devices (camera, camera, phone, tablet).
  4. What is the accomodation during the route?
    Answer: Accommodation along the route will be in double-rooms (or single room as a paid option) with all the amenities. Almost everywhere it will be a hotel with clean comfortable rooms and bathrooms. The exception was a tent camp in Sarchu. However, this camp is so well equipped especially for groups of tourists traveling in the Himalayas, which differs greatly from the hotel, you are likely to feel.
  5. Where shall we eat along the route?
    Answer: Breakfast is almost always will be at the hotel and they are included in the tour price. Further along the route, we will repeatedly make sanitary stop, during which you can also enjoy a traditional Indian masala tea, which give strength and courage to continue the route. Quite often you can find a coffee (this is for those who can not live without coffee). After that, along the route, one of the locations, we make a stop for lunch or dine early as the final destination of the day. If the route of this day is not complete, we will go further. We arrive at the final destination of the day, checking in to the hotel and after a short rest and / or shower, and / or sleep - dine in the restaurant or a local restaurant in the city.
  6. How much money I need for traveling?
    Answer: Since the tour payment is made in advance, no additional fees on arrival you will not have to make. Food in India extremely tasty and still inexpensive, so for 2 weeks will be enough for 1 person $ 300-400. However, if you want to acquire in the course of travel souvenirs, gifts, jewelry, etc., then the calculation of the necessary funds - for you.
  7. What about of a mobile phones in India?
    Answer: Almost all over India running the standard cellular standard GSM, but in some regions along the route cellular communication will be virtually inaccessible (it's literally one or two points of the route). Best option is to save money - is to buy a local sim card mobile operator. Talks with Russia and between the participants of the trip will cost almost a penny.
  8. Is it posible to pay by credit card in restaurant or shops during the route? Everywhere you can withdraw cash from the card at ATMs?
    Answer: Some stores in large cities (McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, Srinagar, Leh, Manali) along the route credit cards are accepted. Also in these cities have ATMs. Also, in many towns have offices "Western Union", but have some cash preferred.

About the purchasing of tour

  1. What is included in your tour?
    Answer: The price includes the provision of a motorcycle, fuel, accommodation + breakfasts along the route, visiting ancient temples, guide accompanying mechanics, etc. Details - in "Tours" page - Description of routes.
  2. How to join the tour?
    Answer: You must submit a request in the "Tours" page "Book a tour."
  3. How do I pay the tour?
    Answer: After completing the application form and coordinate the details, you deposit $ 700 in order for you reservation the participation in group. Further not less than 30 days before departure, the final payment must be paid. Payment is made at the expense of Himalayan Bike Tour in Sberbank in Moscow or to an account at Bank of India in India. Upon arrival, will also need to make a deposit by cash for the bike organizers $ 800. Deposit will be returned after the tour.
  4. I want to join the tour. When I should fill and to send you the application form?
    Answer: The sooner the better, because number of seats in the group is limited (maximum 10 people). The remaining number in the group can be found in Timetable races - information will be updated regularly. Remember, you can run out of a time when you could go, so sign up now!
    Besides completing the application form you may not binding. You just tell your interest in this trip, and then - we will answer all the questions that will help you finally decide.
  5. I have already signed up. When I should make a prepayment?
    Answer: Unless you have made a prepayment, in the group behind you is not fixed yet and it can get any interested person. So it is advisable to make a pre-payment as quickly as possible after completing the form.
  6. I'm ready to go and I want to make a prepayment. Where and how should I do this?
    Answer: The advance payment can be made in cash to the company in Moscow, as well as on account of the company in the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation to send you the details. After filling out the application form, we will contact you and discuss how you would be more convenient to pre-payment.
  7. If we are a group of friends (three, five, and more ...) will it be a discount for our team?
    Answer: Yes, it is. Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.
  8. Can I get back my prepayment, if I will not join the group in any reasons?
    Answer: Cancellations more than 30 days before the start of the tour, returning 50% deposit reservation. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to arrival the deposit and payment will not be returned.
  9. If, during the route I would have to retire for health reasons (or for any other reason), will I get my money back for those days of the trip, which I was not involved?
    Answer: Sorry! If suddenly you leave the group and stop journey through circumstances beyond our control, the amount of unused days are not compensated

Other questions

  1. How long is the flight to India?
    Answer: The direct flight from Moscow to Delhi takes about 6 hours. Domestic flight Delhi-Dharamsala lasts 1 hour. If you are flying to Delhi direct flights, respectively, the flight will be more.
  2. What we will see during the trip?
    Answer: Incredibly beautiful nature - mountains, valleys, deserts, rocks, mountain rivers and lakes, snow, rain and sun. As well as the hospitality and friendliness of local residents in each state along the route. For details, see the section "Tours".
  3. What people usually go to such travel?
    Answer: In such trips are usually quite different people - different in age, position in society, by conviction, etc. But most importantly, they share a love of adventure and nature, love of motorcycles and a burning desire to overcome the long route and see all lazami. These are people who love to travel and exotic custom, which, although to get bright new memorable trip. Also, usually after these tours members become good friends and continue to be friends and talk for years.
  4. Is it possible to organize a corporate tour?
    Answer: It's possible! Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.
  5. If we want a specific route with a few changes - is this possible?
    Answer: Yes, you can! Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Some facts about India

Crazy, confusing, hot, unbearable, noisy and scary. All that India - one of the most ancient and colorful countries in the world. What to expect from it? What to prepare? How to decide what state to visit? For those who only have to dip into the bright fairy world - the world of India - Welcome!

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