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August 11, 2013
Next tour in 2013 season starts:

Himachal-Pradesh - Kashmir - Leh - Himachal Pradesh (14 days)

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Oksana, Moscow
«I've never seen that before! I was expected that it will be interesting and beautiful, but did not expect it to be so interesting, beautiful and unforgettable! The most striking impression was due to the fact that…»  Read more
Photos from trip

Motorcycle gear

As part of this motorcycle tour full equipment is required.
It includes: helmet, motorcycle goggles, "turtle", gloves, knee pads, motorcycle boots.
Possible - motocross motorcycle pants and jersey jersey (highly desirable but not mandatory).

Helmet - one of the main elements moto equipment to protect the rider. At present, almost all countries of the world motorcyclists to ride in the helmet. It protects the driver from all sorts of injuries, rain, wind and cold. Huge selection of the market allows each to buy motoekipirovki helmet according to his needs and financial capabilities. According to statistics, helmet increases the chances of survival in case of serious accidents by 30%.

Protective motorcycle "turtle" - a thin mesh "jacket" of a synthetic material, usually nylon, to which the plates:

  • Protection of the back (removable)
  • Protection of the shoulders and elbows
  • Impact resistant inserts on the chest, in the area of ​​the ribs and inserts on the shoulders from behind.

Moto-«turtle» worn under a jacket, and provides good protection from falls for all of the joints. Moto-turtles have often reinforced belt to protect the kidneys and lower back, and chest protectors. Sometimes manufacturers turtles complete their protection neck and rump. Some elements of the motorcycle turtles can come unfastened. Bearing structure turtles themselves protectors, usually perforated, which provides good ventilation.

Motorcycle gloves (normal price around $ 50-100) - Drive a motorcycle without gloves - not safe and is inconvenient. This is an inexpensive solution to many potential problems associated with driving. Online you can find many motoperchatok for manufacturability (defense), design and therefore the price.

Kneepads (price 2,000 rubles) - it will be advantageous hinged knee firms UFO or Zandona, or about the same counterpart.

Motor-boats (price from $ 200 and up) - their main task - to protect the rider legs. Motorboats are equipped with special inserts and protects foot from injury. In good motoobuvi special attention paid to protecting the ankle, toe and heel. Recommended to buy high enough motorboats that protect the ankle and lower leg.

It is highly recommended not to neglect the motorcycle helmet, motorcycle turtles and other means of protection on the trip!

Some facts about India

Crazy, confusing, hot, unbearable, noisy and scary. All that India - one of the most ancient and colorful countries in the world. What to expect from it? What to prepare? How to decide what state to visit? For those who only have to dip into the bright fairy world - the world of India - Welcome!

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