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August 11, 2013
Next tour in 2013 season starts:

Himachal-Pradesh - Kashmir - Leh - Himachal Pradesh (14 days)

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Oksana, Moscow
«I've never seen that before! I was expected that it will be interesting and beautiful, but did not expect it to be so interesting, beautiful and unforgettable! The most striking impression was due to the fact that…»  Read more
Photos from trip

States of the route

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh - one of the most beautiful states of India, situated in the Himalayas. The wonderful climate, amazing views, pilgrimage centers – all it is Himachal Pradesh.

In fact, this state in ancient times was known as the place where the great sages went to look for relationship with God. This is a place, where had meditation such sages are like Vyasa. And today in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh can see yogis are in a meditative trance. Moreover, they say that Vyasa is still alive and can be found in the Himalayas - the last time it happened a few decades’ years ago.

From these places connected with lots of stories from the Puranas and Mahabharata. Indeed, the well-known story of how Arjuna fought with Shiva and received his divine weapons - it happened in the Kullu valley.

Impossible, visiting Himachal Pradesh and did not getting a spiritual experience. It is a place, where you can feel  the presence of Gods so strong.

Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh

Jammu and Kashmir - the northernmost state of India, with sharp natural and cultural contrasts. It is naturally divided into three parts - the north-western Kashmir, with a Muslim people, southern Jammu, populated by Hindus and Buddhist Ladakh in the eastern mountainous part.

South is mountainous Ladakh Zanskar valley is extremely difficult to access (in winter may be cold up to -40 degrees), but very interesting for lovers of extreme tourism.

The main centers of tourist attraction - the Kashmir valley with a mild climate and the Buddhist Ladakh with a mountain monasteries .In this state are shrines of Buddhism and Hinduism (Shivaism), Kashmir is inhabited mainly by Muslims.

Most of the state is in the mountains, well above sea level, some of the routes in Ladakh at an altitude of over 5,000 meters. It should be kept in mind that the sharp ascent to such heights is not safe for people with lung disease, particularly asthma. Therefore, before the ascent of the high altitude acclimatization is needed at medium altitudes (2000-2500 m), so in the motorcycle tour route is climbing gradually, day by day. Night in the mountains can be very cold. When you travel to the area is vital to carry warm clothes.

Some facts about India

Crazy, confusing, hot, unbearable, noisy and scary. All that India - one of the most ancient and colorful countries in the world. What to expect from it? What to prepare? How to decide what state to visit? For those who only have to dip into the bright fairy world - the world of India - Welcome!

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