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Breathe in the fresh air of the mountains

Smile headwind

Look at the endless scape!

Listen to the whispers of the mountain river!

Take a photos of unforgettable landscapes

Feel the vastness of the steppes

Reach for the clouds

Look at the satiny surface of the lake

Enjoy the beauty of nature

Conquer the Himalayas!

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August 11, 2013
Next tour in 2013 season starts:

Himachal-Pradesh - Kashmir - Leh - Himachal Pradesh (14 days)

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Feedbacks of our clients
Oksana, Moscow
«I've never seen that before! I was expected that it will be interesting and beautiful, but did not expect it to be so interesting, beautiful and unforgettable! The most striking impression was due to the fact that…»  Read more
Photos from trip

Price and conditions

Prepayment (reservation in the group): 700$

Price for motorcycle rider: 2 700 $
Price for a passenger on a motorcycle: 2 200$

Special offer for couple (moto-rider & moto-passenger): 4 200$

Price for a passenger in a jeep in the motorcycle tour: 2 200$
Price for a passenger in a jeep in the Jeep tour: 2 200$

Payment for single room accomodation: 450 $
Deposit for motorcycle: 800$

Conditions and requirements

Download and read the detailed application form to participate in the trip

1. The cost for the rider and passenger.

Please, be informed that price for a passenger on a motorcycle available when a passenger submits an request for participation with rider-driver.

If you do not have a driving license (for motorcycle) or you don't have enough experience and confidence, but you really want to take a part in this tour by bike – you can be a passenger on a motorcycle. But in this case, the participation cost will be the same as for the rider - $ 2700.

2. Prepayment.
Prepayment for reserve place in the group can be accepted, since the period not more then 4 months before the start of the tour and guarantees you a place in the group.

3. Full payment of the tour.
Full tour final payment must be made no later than 30 days prior to arrival. Payment is made at the expense of Himalayan Bike Tour in Sberbank in Moscow or to an account at Bank of India in India.

If the advance payment has been previously introduced to book a place in the group, you need to pay only the remaining cost of participation.

4. Terms of tour reservation.
For tour booking is necessary to study the application form. To complete and sign it, attach to the application a copy of the foreign passport, two color photo of 3.5 cm * 4.5 cm and hand over documents to the company Himalayan Bike Tours in Moscow.

Then you should pay $ 700 deposit to the account in Sberbank in Moscow. After the receipt of payment to the company you get a booking confirmation of your place in the group.

5. Cancellation terms of participation in the tour.
Cancellations more than 30 days before the start of the tour, returning 50% deposit reservation.
Cancellations less than 30 days prior to arrival the deposit and payment will not be returned.

6. Medical and travel insurance.
To participate in the tour is necessary to issue a special health insurance rider. A copy of this document will need to provide at least 2 weeks before the trip.

7. Deposit for the bike.

Barring major injuries during a motorcycle trip deposit will be returned in full at the end of the tour.

Minor damage, scratches, routine replacement of consumables and spare parts are not deducted from the deposit, as provided service in a part of the tour.

If damage occurred through the fault of the motorcycle party, the amount of repair involves replacing the modules and units, etc., shall be deducted from the deposit. Rest of deposit will be returned to the participant.

For more information about the conditions and requirements can be found in the application form.
If you have questions, please contact us.


Some facts about India

Crazy, confusing, hot, unbearable, noisy and scary. All that India - one of the most ancient and colorful countries in the world. What to expect from it? What to prepare? How to decide what state to visit? For those who only have to dip into the bright fairy world - the world of India - Welcome!

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